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Why CyberSuccessToday?

Increase Your Sales And Capture Your Customers With The Best Marketing
      Programs On The Web:

  • A 5% increase in customer retention results in a 25-100% increase in profitability.
  • It is 30-40 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to generate repeat Click here to learn more about the 360 CRM Systemsales and referrals from an existing one.
  • People who give permission to send them your marketing messages are your best source of new and repeat business.

360 CRM System Benefits:

  • Collect site visitors' e-Mail addresses and their interests
  • Easily import names from in-house lists
  • Automated list management including Subscribe and Unscribe options
  • Permission-based - Not SPAM

Add Unlimited Interest Categories:

  • You choose the interest categories for your sign-up page
  • Tailor your mailings by interest category
  • Send your customers only what they request
  • View subscribers and their interests

e-Mail Your Customers From Your Database Anytime:

  • We handle your HTML e-Mail, AOL Formatted e-Mails and Text e-Mails
  • Select your target audience
  • Set the delivery date and time
  • Benefit from expert hints and tips
  • Easily add product images and links

Manage Your e-Mail Lists And Campaigns - Automatically:

  • We create HTML, AOL, and Text versions
  • Customers receive the mailing in the right format - to assure everyone can view your product specials, promotions, and campaigns
  • Constant Contact handles list management, including subscribe/unsubscribe

Track Your Results:

  • Watch your subscriber and website visitor count grow and grow
  • Find out how many subscribers opened your e-Mails
  • Learn which e-Mails result in the most visits to your website

The Internet Is On Track To Bypass Magazines, Cable And Yellow Pages:

Internet Advertising Growth Chart

Despite Skepticism, Advertisers Are Increasing Online Spending:

Advertising Spending

Why CyberSuccessToday?

The question to ask yourself is "With such a compreshensive, all-inclusive marketing strategy...

Why Not CyberSuccessToday?

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