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Real-Time Streaming Audio and Video Services

High Availability Streaming Media Hosting and WebCasting Services:

From a full motion advertising spot that plays right in the page or an email to interactive training videos that stop and tests the student, logs the score then plays a new clip based on the score, the possibilities of Streaming Media are only limited by your imagination.

With Streaming Media Technology:

You can now bring that same standard of communication to your website(s).

  • Streaming Audio & Video Productions
  • Pre-Production - Preparation, logistics & scripting
  • Production Actual new video filming & audio recording creation
  • Post-Production - Editing, effects Digital Conversion of Existing Media (Capture & Encoding)
  • Streaming Media Real-Time Audio & Video
  • Delivery Delivery Rate -This method only requires a short start up period, 3 to 10 seconds, before the audio and video plays. The days of waiting for long downloads are over.

Connection Rate Percentiles:

  • 15% - Modem Connected Users Low-Band (Less <56K)
  • 45% - Mid-Band (56K)
  • 40% - Broad Band (Cable, DSL, T1)

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