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Search Engine Website Submission Services

Regardless of how appealing or informative your site is, it must be listed in the major search engines and web directories. 

To Increase Unique Hits And Traffic To Your Website:

You need much more than just a Press Release, website promotion and Search Engine Submission Service. It takes a masterful combination of these Internet marketing techniques, coupled with several other strategic maneuvers that will put your website on top and keep it there.  To ensure the results we promise, our Search Engine Listing services are performed with human intervention, not by software.

Common Misconceptions:

Search Engines account for majority of traffic to a website. That is not true! Search Engines account for only about 15% of traffic for most websites. Many companies also come to us believing that the Press Releases and Banner Advertising will be their most important promotional pieces, and have neglected the most obvious and important promotion tools and techniques on the Internet: Viral Marketing and Subscription eZine Newsletters. Our Search Engine listing service will NOT result in just traffic, but truly visitors INTERESTED in your products and services.

Once your site is listed, you will not see an instant flood of traffic. Most Search Engines take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to review, list, spider and rank your site. Search Engine Submissions must be done manually monthly to stay in top rankings in the search engines.

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