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Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary

How long does it take for production?

  • Banners can be produced within 48 hours. Splash pages, Pop-ups, Promotions need a 7 day period.

How is Internet advertising billed?

  • Internet advertising is a dynamic medium. That means we are at the mercy of the activity of the site visitors. Some days a site might have 20,000 visitors and the next day they might have 15,000. We project activity based from the previous month's history. What this means to an advertiser is that in some cases to fulfill an order we might run over on some months and under on others. The entire campaign is on-the-fly and will reconcile over the length of the campaign. This might prove awkward if not presented correctly.

What is the average click thru rate?

  • The average is 3% however, we have seen click through rates as high as 15 to 20%. The higher click rates are from ads that usually targeted and have a strong offer.

How do we maximize advertising dollars?

  • Through up-to-the-minute optimization of campaigns. We have tools to identify the appropriate audiences on the Web and market to them accordingly. This leads to improved overall campaign effectiveness, maximized ad revenue and the highest possible return on investment. We will monitor banner effectiveness and make changes when necessary.

What should I expect from customer service?

  • We pride ourselves in answering questions and addressing issues in a timely and professional manner. We will respond to any issues immediately. We know how hard it is to gain our customer's trust and how easy it is to lose it.

Will all my ads be delivered as soon as possible or will they be spread over the
      month or campaign?

  • Our ad serving software is designed to spread delivery over the entire campaign to your targeted areas as evenly as possible. This is effected by site user traffic fluctuating at different times at different targeted site, which changes dynamically. The ad serving software makes on the fly decisions to fulfill the order.
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